One in two UK citizens have reduced their food purchases due to rising prices

Food prices in the UK continue to rise, and nearly half of citizens have significantly reduced their purchases.

Almost half of the citizens United kingdom Significantly reduced their purchases of food Because of increases in artificial intelligence the prices: According to data collected by the Office for National Statistics, in fact, 49% of Britons bought less food than usual between June 22 and July 3 – compared to 8% when the survey began, in September 2021. The most vigilant will remember that separate food prices In the territory of the Queen is rather sensitive: the Governor of the Bank of England himself, Andrew Bailey Dubbed “horrific” on the occasion of a speech in the House of Commons at the end of May, more and more citizens are searching supermarkets for the cheapest products.

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modified inflation of consumer prices reached 9.1% – a record high considering the past forty years – with food and beverage prices rising 8.6%: surely it is not surprising to note that 91% of citizens examined by the analysis mentioned in the first paragraph argue that they had Dealing with a significant increase in their cost of living. Increased financial hardship that, as mentioned, actually ends up hurting their performance Supermarkets: Sainsbury’s Records a 4% drop in total sales in the last quarter, and Tesco He said customer purchases are getting smaller and cheaper.

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