On the ice, a double podium for Italy in the PSL Berchtesgaden team! The Austrians Opmann/Shofmann – OE Sport won

Grande Italia in the PSL with mixed teams in Berchtesgaden, The last race of the Parallel Skating World Cup 2022-2023. Couples on German snow Maurizio Bormolini / Elisa Cavonte and Edwin Coratti / Lucia Dalmasso Finish the test straight In the second and third places And allowing Bill Paese to close out the season with a beautiful score.

The win goes instead to Fabian Auppmann (Who made it to this race after yesterday’s success in the single PSL that allowed him to beat the General and Specialized World Cup) and Sabine Schoffman (Austria 2). After defeating Masaaki Chiba and Tomoka Takeuchi (Japan 1), Italians Mark Hofer and Nadia Ochner (Italy 3) to the quarters and USA Cody Winters and Iris Pflum (USA 1) in the semi-finals, Austrians They beat Bormolene and Cavonte in the Grand Final And they are very successful.

Third place for Koratti and Dalmasso. The Two Blues (Italy 2) losing semi-finals against compatriots Bormolene/Cavant, But then they were able to impose themselves in the minor final against the Americans Winters and Bflom Thus, he takes a place on the podium.

Snowboarding, Maurizio Bormeolini quipped: The World Cup is four points away. Opmann takes it all to Berchtesgaden

In light of today’s results, Andreas Brumegger and Daniela Olbing (Today in the round of 16) They won the Specialty Cup. The second are the Swiss Gian Casanova and Ladina Jenny (they also went out in the round of 16) e III Blues Bormolini and Cavonte.

Photo: FISI/Pentaphoto

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