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Rome – Marking International Theater DayDebut March 27 su Nexo +, A quality leisure streaming content platform designed by Nexo Digital, Vanya earthquake in search of Chekhov Documentary from Vinicio Marchionne, With executive production Maurizio Vassallo and Pepsy Romanoff from the production company except with the participation of Anton and in cooperation with Rai Cinema and Simone Isola, and with The narrator voice of Tony Cervelo.

A tribute to the theater, its heroes and its spectators, waiting to be able to return soon to watch the live performances. In this documentary, through rehearsals and a tour of the show taken from Uncle Vania by Anton Chekhov until the replay at L’Aquila miniature theater, Vinicio Marchionne takes us to the earthquake-ravaged Italian province and to the places of the Russian writer. Two years of filming in major Italian theaters, in the earthquake-stricken regions of Unna, Poggio Bicensei, L’Aquila, in the province of Marche, ten days of filming in Russia. Marchionne opens his creative rehearsal lab to the viewer, shows behind the scenes of his theatrical creation, and continues his passion / obsession with Chekhov to the most important places in the Russian writer’s life.

Ten years later The earthquake that destroyed L’Aquila H Three of Amatrice, Vania earthquake begins, in search of Chekhov, from Chekhov’s masterpiece – adapted for display in the earthquake-ravaged Italian province along with Melina Mancini And author Letizia Russo – To investigate the Italian stalemate after the earthquake through Chekhov’s tragic gaze, demonstrate the writer’s extraordinary human strength to the audience and draw attention to the people still struggling against the damage inflicted on them today Of those tragic events. Thanks to the exemplary dialogue between Marchionne and Chekhov – voiced by Tony Cervelo – to the alternation of places and situations that are now photographed in color, now in black and white and the contributions of André Konkalovskij, Gabriel Salvatores, and Fausto Malkovati, the documentary takes the viewer with his hand and leads him on a multiple journey: inside the theatrical work In places of the earthquake, in the words of Anton Chekhov and his soul. The Vanya Earthquake, In Search of Chekhov, is a documentary that blends genres and languages. But above all, it is an act of simple love towards theater, literature, and people who resist.

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