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From Fabrizio Ronconi

Vice from Bari: I have been vaccinated, do not accuse me of not being corrupt. Mine was a rhetorical device, anyway: Who knows how many people would die out there without vaccines?

OK: Let’s look for the cell phone of this Undersecretary of Health, Pharmacist Barry Marcellus Gemato Brothers Italy – “I was always on the right,” Al proudly said Newspaper – Gilles Atrego Naqih, 49, a certain positional talent that we will discover later better and it is – A
strip news
They know everything – they can keep juicy surprises in store.
Meanwhile: mid-morning, as the internet awash with the prime minister’s statements Georgia Meloni He returned from Bali, the G20, where he said, without delay: “Covid has been overcome thanks to vaccines.” But on the websites, Meloni’s address is below, and he, Gemmato, is above: Undersecretary – as explained on Rai2 for restart, the transfer by Annalisa Bruchi – in fact, she does not want to “fall into the trap of being biased for or against vaccines”; Unmistakable TV images: Gemmato in an atmosphere full of brutal certainty, the potential big figure of this government.

call him. Talk to us again. Understanding what he knows about vaccines escapes the entire global scientific community. And by the way: did he actually quit? Did you hear the prime minister?
(but now let’s see if this mobile number is ok: three rings and a voice answers)

Good morning, Undersecretary.
“No: I’m Ettore, collaborator.”
I’d like to speak to the Under Secretary.
“On what topic?”
Courage Hector.
“The undersecretary left me the phone: he had to go down to the minister’s office, there is a matter far more important than the one you refer to. By the way: have you seen the show? What do you think? No, because I think that…”
Hector, please.
“Okay, okay… I’ll relay your call.”

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(After half an hour from another mobile number).

“I am Hector. I have good news: the Under Secretary will contact you shortly.

(Ten minutes: and here’s Gemmato. Very polite, never predictable manners when speaking to a member of any executive)


I read his explanatory statement: Repent.
“No, look: on TV, either I expressed myself poorly, or they misunderstood me. I was just trying to emphasize the total ineffectiveness of the previous governments’ actions during the pandemic….”
“I don’t see these great results being achieved,” he said, speaking of the fight against Covid. Aldo Cazzolo, who was in the studio, replied that without vaccines, it might have been worse. His response was literally: “You say this, we don’t have the burden of proving otherwise.”
“Eh…it was a rhetorical device. I wanted to link the discussion to the purely ideological behavior of previous governments during the coronavirus emergency. And then, anyway, excuse me: do you know how many people died without vaccinations?
The scientific community on the planet is sure that there could have been many, many more.
“Perfect. But I didn’t want to talk about it on that TV show.”
I swear, I don’t follow her.
“Listen: I understand and acknowledge that I was not happy in my expression.”
“I don’t fall into the trap of being biased for or against vaccines,” he added.
“But I got vaccinated! Johnson & Johnson first, then Pfizer: let’s not joke, don’t accuse me of not being corrupt.”
Speak from no fax.
“And what’s the use of that?”
To attract consensus, perhaps.
“Hmm. Do you think the results Paragon got in the last election suggest similar strategies? However: if you want to crucify me, go ahead.”
Have you heard of Georgia Meloni?
“No. I think it’s in my mind.
He sure is on my mind. And there he said the exact opposite of what you claim.
And nothing: I struggle to follow it. Are you planning to resign?
“Only if Georgia asks me.”
(Here his voice cracked a lot.)

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After all, he does not wish an explanation from Meloni’s staunchest enemy, after speaking with the President of the United States, Joe BidenAnd a bilateral meeting with the President of Turkey, Erdogan, and then all we can only assume, he has to get on the phone at some point to see what you have in mind. Enrico Mentana, on Facebook, has half an idea. He writes: “We can’t let people in the Ministry of Health tear it up like they’re in front of a Camparino in the bar.” from archive courier They send interesting material: Gemmato tackles politics through family traditions; The iron “Almirantian” father, his brother Nicola who later also becomes mayor of Terlizzi, and he, Marcello, who does all the classic process: Fuan and university work, complete briskly in his underwear – exactly: in his underwear – in front of the University of Bari to report a section Waste on the Barons’ telephone expenses.

FdI betting, while still tipping at 4%. He says: “Giorgia is tenacious, humane, ready, charismatic, a true leader: she is good, very good, even before she is a woman” (as the accountant Ugo Fantuzzi with Countess Serbelloni Mazzanti Vien D’al Mare).
Is it enough to receive forgiveness?

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