Omicron, the first Italian case in Campania

AstraZeneca: Recovery from a pandemic unlikely

The director of the Oxford Vaccines Group, the group that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, expressed cautious optimism that existing vaccines are effective on the Omicron variant of Covid, considering a resumption of the epidemic “unlikely”. Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Professor Andrew Pollard explained that “Most of the mutations of the Omicron variant were found at the same places in the spike protein as the other variants” against which vaccines have been shown to be effective..

New York declares a state of emergency

New York State has declared a state of emergency in light of a possible increase in infections due to the Omicron variant.
This was announced by the state of Kathy Hochhol, confirming that the state of emergency will go into effect next Friday, December 3. “We continue to see signs of an increase this winter, and although a new Omicron variant has not been discovered in New York, it is on its way.”
Currently, no cases of the Omicron variant have been reported in the United States. A note from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reads: “If they arise, we expect to identify them quickly.” Immunologist and advisor to US President Biden, Anthony Fauci, in an interview with Nbc, said he wouldn’t be surprised if it was already in the US: “We haven’t discovered it yet, but when you have a virus that shows this level of transmissibility and you’re traveling – related cases that are already detected elsewhere, it’s almost It is inevitable that you will reach everywhere.”

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The Netherlands is in a state of panic: 61 of the positives have arrived from South Africa

A total of 61 people who arrived from South Africa on Friday morning – from Johannesburg and Cape Town – at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have tested positive for Covid-19. Local media reported, citing the Dutch health services. These are the passengers of two KLM flights, which had a total of 592 people on board. According to media reports, it is not yet clear whether this is a variant of Omicron.

Other Reports

Ministry of Public Health in Czech Republic She announced that she had experienced a different case of Omicron after doing case reviews. The Prime Minister, Andrej Babis, explained that a woman had traveled to Namibia and then passed through South Africa and Dubai on her way back to the Czech Republic.
Yesterday, a report on the first case was released in Belgium, a young woman who developed symptoms 11 days after traveling to Egypt via Turkey, with no connection to South Africa or any other country in South Africa. The patient had a high viral load at the time of diagnosis. She has not been vaccinated, and she has not been infected in the past. Moreover Israel case recorded as well Hong Kong.

Other Reports

Massimo Chicozi, Head of the Medical Statistics and Epidemiology Unit at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Campus bio-medico di Roma activated in new variant study. He said that according to data from South African laboratories “in the country, with the Omicron variant, there is an R0 of 1.34. This means that The epidemic is no longer under control. This phenomenon may be related to the greater infection of the new variant, but there are other elements such as A very low rate of vaccination coverage in the country is about 20%, and the rare use of anti-Covid measures, is far from our standards. All mutations of individual variants have been seen so far. All together on the same spike protein. And at the epidemiological level at least, it seems that Omicron is currently in a hurry.”

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