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Omicron, encouraging new data from the UK: ‘Hospital risk is 20% lower than Delta’. But the concern remains

The Omicron variant works quickly, but its effects appear, so far, to be less severe than Delta’s. To suggest it is one studio From the team at Imperial College London, led by Professor Neil Ferguson. According to the researchers, the experience of the new wave so far indicates a reduced risk of hospitalization 15/20% compared to what happens with the delta variable. Percentage up to 40% if we consider the risk of hospitalization (hence, at least one night’s stay in hospital). The report is based on figures collected between December 1 and 14, and on analysis 56 thousand Omicron and . cases 269 ​​thousand from delta. Data posted by guardian, reaching the day the UK crossed the 100,000 new daily infection mark. The study comes as good news, especially in light of the fact that it “offsets the risk of reduced efficacy of vaccines against submicron-CoV infection”. But the high transmissibility that the new variant specifically showed is causing researchers to be cautious: At this rate, the pressure on hospitals will soon be very high. “Given the high rate of Omicron virus transmission – the study says – there is still concern about the health services, which can adapt to the increased demand for hospitalization if cases continue to grow at the rate observed in recent weeks.”

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