Omicron Alarm Frightening Symptoms: Sleep paralysis

Omicron continues to operate. In Italy Almost 200 thousand And the South African alternative became more prevalent. For now, Omicron appears to be much more contagious, but less aggressive than its predecessors. With less ability to affect the lungs. But there are symptoms that have spread recently and that «It can be scary». This is the sleep paralysis. Let’s get into the details.

Omicron, sleep paralysis

Among the new symptoms associated with varante Omicron also appears «sleep paralysis»This is a disorder that prevents you from moving and speaking when you wake up or right before bed. To sound the alarm, the British National Health System (NHS) which describes this experience as “ScaryHowever, the assertion that it is a harmless proposition:Most people will only experience it once or twice in their lifetime».

In fact, with the outbreak of the epidemic of COVID-19, I Sleep disorders Their number has doubled due to lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, anxiety, depression, and in some cases, true post-traumatic stress syndrome. But there has been a significant increase in these disturbances in recent weeks. Simultaneously with the publication varante Omicron.

According to the Express and other British newspapers, many are complaining on social media major sleep disturbances, including the fucking paralysis.

the sleep paralysis It appears to have been more prevalent since the Omicron variant started to become popular. However, there is no confirmation that this is a direct result of the virus, and it can only be linked to Increased tension caused by the new wave of the virus. Even in the UK, as in Italy, 200,000 daily infections have been exceeded. The highest peak since the beginning of the epidemic.

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«It may be the infection of the virus itself that affects sleep regulation in the brain, as neurological effects from Covid have been reported.He told Mail Online Cat LeaderSleep therapist. However, she believes that the incidence of sleep paralysis is likely to increase.”Due to stress caused by adults the changes The way we live our lives now, the uncertainty and anxiety we face and affect our sleep system».

According to some experts, sleep paralysis can be caused by binomio virus stress. «Once our sleep pattern is disrupted by health issues or anxiety, we get stuck in a cycle as we begin to associate bed with wakefulness.Dr. Catherine Pinkham, NHS consultant and founder of the Insomnia Clinic, told Express.

The expert continues:For example, the more time we spend in bed tossing and turning and becoming unable to sleep, the more we begin to associate our bed with waking. Along the same lines, The more we pay attention and worry about sleep, the worse the cycle becomes. Sleep paralysis is associated with sleep deprivation, so this would somewhat explain why Covid and sleep paralysis are associated.».

Symptoms of sleep paralysis

with the sleep paralysis You are awake but unable to move, speak, or open your eyes. It’s as if the REM phase is gone. The NHS has made it clear that one can experience the sensation of being in a room, with someone pushing us down. It’s an experience that can be frightening with feelings that can last «up to several minutes».

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Only further studies will determine whether sleep paralysis Either due to the Omicron variant, an epidemic-induced psychological distress, or a combination of both.

However, it is currently believed that varante Omicron can be average Less aggressive than previous breeds, which causes symptoms similar to those of a cold. As reported by Zoe Covid Symptom Study, among the most common are: runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, muscle aches, headaches, backaches, and fatigue.

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