Omicron, a new symptom discovered: sleep paralysis

the varante Omicron It also threatens the quality of sleep. According to some testimonials collected in the UK, I have experienced many positives one of them “horrifying” sleep paralysis. It is a disorder that prevents you from moving and speaking when you wake up or right before bed. The British National Health System describes this experience with reference to it “It can be scary”, but fortunately “It’s harmless and most people will only experience it once or twice in their lifetime.” It seems that the only way to prevent it is to get an adequate number of hours of sleep for your age and lifestyle.

Expert’s words

“It may be the viral infection itself that has an effect on sleep regulation in the brain, as neurological effects from Covid have been reported.”, the doctor told MailOnline Kat Lederley, sleep therapist. However, the world believes that cases of sleep paralysis are likely to increase “It is because of the stress that comes from the big changes in the way we live our lives at the moment, to the uncertainty and anxiety we face that affect our sleep regime.”.

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