Omicron 5, re-infection a month after the last infection? Positive for the BA.5 variant even after BA.2

It’s enough four weeks to be infected again new variable Omicron. The BA.5 strain is spreading all over the world very quickly. As well as in Italy, infections have returned to increase, as it has exceeded one hundred thousand cases several times over the past week. Vaccine immunity, as well as infection immunity, is not enough to ward off reinfection with the virus.

Covid Today’s Bulletin, July 8: 100,690 cases and 105 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalization are still increasing

Omicron, after how long you can take the BA.5 variant again

With the new Omicron BA.5 variant, you can quickly re-infect. Andrew RobertsonWA, chief of health for Western Australia, told that he was seeing people with coronavirus again In a few weeks. We are seeing an increasing number of people who have had BA.2 and then become infected four weeksI have announced. Then maybe six to eight weeks later they get a second infection, which is almost certain to be BA.4 or BA.5.

A new wave has overwhelmed Australia

About 4,000 people have been hospitalized in Australia due to the use of Omicron. A number we haven’t seen since the beginning of February. This is despite vaccinations. The country washed by the Pacific Ocean is among the most vaccinated against Covid: so far, 95% of people over 16 have given two doses. Moreover, according to official data, more than 70% received a third dose.

How resistant is the new alternative to immune protection?

The Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 are four times more resistant to immune protection than their predecessors. This is the data that emerged from sA recent study at Columbia University. The researchers, led by Dr. David Hu, director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, took antibodies from people who had received at least three doses of AIDS. Serum Based on mRNA or who had two injections and were then infected with Omicron. In a lab study, researchers observed how these antibodies behave against Omicron sub variants.

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