Omicron 5, from the symptoms to the duration of the disease, everything you need to know about the variant »

COVID: Omicron 5, from symptoms to disease duration, all there is to know about the alternative

Omicron 5, from symptoms to disease durationOmicron 5, from symptoms to disease durationalternative Omicron 5 It causes COVID infection. The Ministry of Health is awaiting updated vaccinations Recommend the second booster dose To 60+ and frail of all ages, at least 120 days after the first recall or from the last infection after recall.

But What are the main symptoms of Omicron 5How does it manifest itself and how long does the incubation period last? Omicron 5 of the coronavirus is more contagious than the other variants, but the symptoms it causes are essentially the same, albeit generally less severe.
High temperatureAnd the Sore throatAnd the Runny noseAnd the exhaustionAnd the muscle painAnd the Loss of sense of smell and tasteAnd the knee pain And the Headachethe most important.

Symptoms, according to what was reported by the news agency AdnKronosAnd the It can last for a few days2 to 5 max. Duration is short especially in those who are mildly and semi-mildly infected. The incubation period lasts from two to three days Since contact with a positive person, but 14-day incubation cases have also been reported.
Swabs may not immediately detect the presence of the virus It is for this reason that doctors advise that, if symptoms attributed to COVID appear, always repeat them after two days. positive duration Omicron 5 It is shorter than the delta variant and invalidation occurs after a maximum of 5 days.

Even those who have been vaccinated or have already been infected in the past can be infected, such as Omicron 5 is able to bypass immune defenses Developed against the virus.

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