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Omicron 2, check the sub-variable: what we know

The UK’s Health Safety Agency has announced that one is being circulated in the country underalternative From Omicron, called BA.2, but is now known as Omicron 2. It was already talked about in December, but now the first 53 cases have also been recorded in and around London, after 20 cases were reported in Israel. According to the “Business Standard”, this variant can be more “violent”, because it “has more mutations than Omicron.” This is what we know so far, From the point of view of infection, but also from the point of view of vaccine resistance and greater or lesser disease severity.

Omicron 2: Where it was first observed

The BA.2 or Omicron 2 sub-variable was first observed in China A few weeks ago, though, experts believe it may have originated in India. However, it has already been found in Denmark, Australia, Canada and Singapore, as well as in the United Kingdom. At the moment, there are no reports of official cases detected in Italy.

Omicron 2, Alarm in Northern Europe: Denmark

Omicron 2 will be of particular concern to Denmark, given that in the country it grows at the expense of Omicron ‘1’ (dominant, for example, in Italy). According to experts, the speed of propagation of Omicron 2 will be higher than the “ordinary” Omicron, which is already high on its own. It should be noted that so far, There are no elements indicating a different infection, a greater ability to puncture vaccines or a greater risk of disease.

Differences between Omicron 1 and Omicron 2

The fact that it is found mainly in Denmark, the country in the world where the largest number of cases have been recorded, is also due to the fact that it is a country that best ranks viruses around the planet. Mr François balox, Director of the Institute of Genetics, University College London, explained that there are two strains within the Omicron, BA1 and BA.2, which are genetically completely distinct.” However, it is not clear why BA.2 is not prevalent in South Africa, where it has remained a minority.

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Secondly Different Fomsgaard, Elementary and Professor at SSI (Statens Serum Institute), there would be no significant differences between subjects with BA.2 in terms of age, vaccination status, infection, disease, or geographic prevalence, compared to those with BA.2. . The attention of scientists is mainly drawn to the rather high ability to resist vaccines in comparison with BA1. But it is still too early to say. The topic of greater ability, compared to the already known Omicron variant, to become critically ill differs: compared to 23,000 cases per day in Denmark, patients in intensive care are relatively few, 71 (they have roughly the same population as Lazio, a region that instead records three times the number of people hospitalized in intensive care).

Speaking of the Omicron variant, here’s the number of days after the peak of the viral load. But also how it manifests itself in vaccinated people and what symptoms are most common. Among these symptoms, there is also a symptom of espionage: this is the first symptom that manifests itself.

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