Olympics, Basketball: 38 by Rubio but Spain knocked out, Team USA in the semifinals with 29 by Durant

USA-Spain team 95-81 | Table

The first quarter-final is already in the archive, with Easy win for Slovenia Luka Doncic (20 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds) and Zoran Dragic (27) against Germany. for every 94-70It’s up now USA and Spain Remove your ticket to enter the first 4 Olympics. a The challenge is full of magicThe one who won the gold in the past and who sees in the foreground Many players with past and/or present in the NBA Also in the Spanish selection (from the Gasol brothers to duo Ricky Rubio and Rudy Fernandez, but also Willie Hernangomez, Victor Claver and Alex Abrenz, as well as veterans such as Sergio Lull and “Milanes” Sergio Rodriguez).

The story of the first half

The United States confirms the quintet, with Lillard, Holiday, Booker, Durant AdebayoOn the other hand, Spain appears with Rubio (launched immediately at first), Fernandez, Claver, Abalde and Marc Gasol. Holiday and Durant are the most active in the US on receipt, and The United States that developed the first small advantage Between the two teams (+7, 17-10). think about it Rubio To bring the game back into balance: the new Cleveland Caves player He scored 13 of Spain’s first 17 pointsA real thorn in the side of American defense. the First Quarter ends with the future Iberians, 21-19, but the race continues to develop on the tracks of perfect parity, with Zach LaVine emerging among the Team USA reserves. But Spain ramps up, even defensive, comes in advance Guided by the masterpieces of Sergio Rodriguez and the energy of Willy Hernangomez: Two points in particular are the ones that sign the red rage double number feature, which goes to +10, 39-29. It’s the first moment of real difficulty for Popovic’s team, who actually stops the match and starts Americans’ reaction, who succeeded in the first half of the siren (B 14-4 partial, 7-0 to close) to restore the game, which is halfway from the race In perfect equality, 43-43.

The story of the second half

He started better in Team USA 4th, which puts a 10-2 partial To start shooting with a point on Kevin Durant Wild. This time it was the Americans who turned the Spanish advantage at the end of the first half and Driving with double digits in the score, at +11 (58-47). Spain stumbles, The last person to quit was Ricky Rubio who continues to wreak havoc on Team USA’s defense and is Duel in the duel between him (27 points) and Kevin Durant (25) To ignite the third stage, which nevertheless sees the Americans still in control. Two three-point errors in the quarter-finals by Chris Middleton and one Tripla del “Chacho” Rodriguez However, they give hope to The Spaniards who made it to the last mini broke only 6 points, 69-63, with the final 14-4 Which reduced the defect of the team coached by Sergio Scarello by more than half. When Spain tries to come back (even at -4 after the first acquisition in the last quarter), The answer in the American house is Damien Lillard, who finds 5 points in a row and brings his points back to +8 (74-66). The US still straddles the double digits, but Rubio continues to score, touching 34 He desperately tries to keep his team running, but they are surrounded by the Americans, who With triple Jrue Holiday they reach +13, a gap accompanies them in the last two minutes of the match. He then finished 95-81 for Team USA led by Kevin Durant with a 29-point lead, more and more top scorers throughout the ages in the Olympics for Americans. In all probability Historic Spanish Basketball Tournament concludesWho says goodbye to a legendary generation and looks to the future by relying on it Ricky Rubio, author of 38 Incredible Points against Team USA.

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