Olympics and Athletics Talk Bergamo with Emiji, Fofana and Rachik

Different disciplines, but a common dream come true: participation in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. This is the situation Emmanuel Emeji, Hassan Fofana e Yassine Rachik Who, starting next July 23, will experience the thrill for the first time with the five episodes.

Although they achieved this goal with different tracks, the three youngsters will have the opportunity to share the goal of returning Italian athletics to the podium after nine years. Fabrizio Donato.

Whoever will try to follow in the footsteps of the Lazio financier will be Emmanuel Emigi, who, thanks to a series of successes in the United States, was able to convince the technical commissioner Antonio La Torre Winning the indoor competition in the triple jump.

Second in the recent Italian championships, the 22-year-old from Verdellino has shown all his talent on the stars and stripes runways, winning the NCAA title at home and abroad.

Seventh in the all-time tri-color standings, the Athletic Estrada rider will have to deal with some issues that could slow down his path to the final.

A different story for Hassan Fofana who won a ticket to Japan at the last minute thanks to the goal numbers mechanism that allowed him to qualify in the 110m hurdles.

Despite the fact that he was not able to achieve the necessary time to participate in the international competition, the Fiamme standard holder Oro Padova was selected according to the results obtained, among which was the best figure achieved a few days ago in Rovereto.

On the other hand, the one who has already gained access to the Olympic event for some time is Yasin Rachik who will close the Japanese event program.

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After completing the 2019 London Marathon in ninth place, the 28-year-old from Castelli Calebio has struggled with many physical issues that have often forced him to qualify in the past two years.

Ready to go back to the most important date of his career, a student Alberto Colli He had to face a bureaucratic dispute over athletic fitness.

So the goal now will be to recover at best and present himself in the 42km of Sapporo with the right behaviour, the same thing that allowed him to podium at the European Championships 2018 in Berlin.

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