Olympic Qualification Sites – OA Sport Championships are now official

International baseball is trying to reboot decisively towards 2021 season announcing the locations of the Olympic qualifiers for the Tokyo Games.

La World Baseball Softball Federation – You can also read from the news published on the FIBS websiteIt was announced that the Americas Olympic qualifiers would be held in early June in Florida (With scheduling still being determined), The final qualifiers, which will place the last place to victory, will be played in Taichung (Taiwan) from 16-20 June.

There will be 8 teams to participate, divided into two groups: The United States, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Nicaragua are in Group A, and Cuba, Venezuela, Canada and Colombia are in Group B.

The winning team will qualify to Tokyo 2021, The second and third seeders will reach the finalists, with Taiwan, the Netherlands, Australia and China waiting for them.

The two countries that you will arrive at the end of these events to Japan (Host country), Israel (Winner of the European Continental Championship), South Korea and Mexico in the Five Circuit Championships scheduled from July 28 to August 7.

Photo: La Presse

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