Olympic Games, Jacobs, Torto, Tampere: a date with history

All in less than three hours: from 12.10, when the race begins on the podium, to 14.50, when the world stops to see who’s the fastest man for it

From our reporter Andrea Bongiovanni

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Sunday August 1, 2021: the date that could change the history of athletics and Italian sport. Marcel Jacobs and Filippo Torto will chase the 100 final, a goal in the Olympics no blue athlete has reached, and then who knows, even try to climb to the podium. Meanwhile, Gianmarco Tampere will be looking for a medal in the lead. All in less than three hours: from 12.10, when the race begins on the podium, to 14.50, when the world stops to see who the fastest man has.


Jacobs, in particular, faces a huge opportunity. After what was confirmed yesterday in qualifying, with that 9″94 touching his Italian record by a cent, he can legitimately aspire to an unforgettable feat. The prediction, with Canadian De Grasse and American Baker as the most dangerous potential opponents, is open. So why not believe it? Marcel was always in a hurry: he was born in the US and arrived in Italy at the age of two to stay there.At eleven, after trying other sports, he decided that athletics was what he was doing for him.At fourteen, he declined middle school , but he realized that with books in hand he would never be a runner (even if he later graduated from high school), at twenty he became a father for the first time, at twenty-six three children. At the end of this straight, glory awaits him: he can reach him.

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A different speech by Tortue: The prodigy boy – in 2018, at the age of twenty, the first Italian to break the ten-second wall of the cent – in recent months, for many reasons, has not shined. But yesterday, with a 10″10, seasonal staff, he proved that he is recovering. And above all, when it is necessary, he is there. As he did at the World Championship Doha 2019, seventh and second blue in the World Specialty Championship final after Pierfrancesco Pavoni in Rome 1987 Best not to underestimate him.You know how to look at things in their proper perspective, Filippo.Go as he is, on his talent, positivity and maturity, you can always count.


After five years of waiting, the bell is about to strike. Jimbo, after the injury that prevented him from participating in Rio 2016, spent the last part of his life reflecting on this day. In the legs, he has important actions, but he must find continuity and solve some small technical problems. If he succeeds, no target will be disqualified. Because there are many good opponents, but no one seems to be worth a few centimeters more than him. And personality can make a difference. Progression will be severe: 2.19, 2.24, 2.30, 2.33, 2.35 etc., two years at a time. Any mistake can be fatal. Gianmarco knows this. In each attempt a piece of the profession will be played.

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