Olympia, the excitement of the pentathlon in Glocal

Olympic Evening glocal 21

“The thought of an athlete neither sweats nor struggles,
The mind can drag him to victory
Or abandon it in failure.”

On the day of farewell to Giampiero Galeazzi, it was the poignant voice of the journalist and historical commentator who opened the Glocal 2021 show dedicated to the sport, and in particular the great Olympic sentiment.

Friday evening VareseNews Press Festival, at Ville Ponte in Varese It was the feelings in Cinque Cerchi that gave exciting moments, as in the summer of Tokyo, which with a delay of a year due to the epidemic brought medals and indelible moments to Italy and the green, white and red flag. (Photo by Mattia Martigani)

Born as an audio series produced by Funderia Mercury Olympiad is the original series of 51 Olympic stories in which the ideas of the great athletes of the past Olympics are assumed before, during and after the athletic gesture that enters sports history. In the evening in Varese, an excerpt of 4 stories starring the actors was reproduced Daniel Ornatelli, Renata Bertolas, Alessandro Castellucci and Michela Atzini, directed by Sergio Ferentino who also cared about adaptation.

The exploits of Wilma Rudolph and Abebe Bikila in Rome in 1960, Cathy Freeman’s triumph in Sydney in 2000, and Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic fireplace in Atlanta in 1996 are the stories chosen to be recreated, solely by the voices of the actors, for viewers by VareseNews.

At the end of the show was the moment of Tokyo 2020 feelings with her Interview by Alessandro Galimberti, President of the Press Syndicate of Lombardy, with coach of the Italian national athletics team Antonio La Torre., which witnessed firsthand the exploits of the five Olympic gold medalists of Gianmarco Tampere, Massimo Stano, Antonella Palmisano and Marcel Jacobs, and which was also repeated by her teammates in the relay team Lorenzo Bata, Iusa Desalo and Filippo Torto.

“One of the secrets of success – explained Latorre – was working together on the one hand and training at the head of the athletes on the other. We did not become better than the United States, in Tokyo the stronger did not win but those who adapted better to the conditions we faced. Being in the 100m final was a unique emotion, but marked by the situation associated with the pandemic. We train people, not machines.”

“Sport is above all a passion – in the words of the technical commissioner of the national athletics team – it is the period of people’s life. The successes this summer were moments of joy in a particularly complex period. What happened on August 1, in those ten minutes between the victory of Tampere and the Jacobs race, deeply touched the soul of the people.”.

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