Olbia. With the opening of the new gymnasium, the city has its own waterfront – Olbianova

★ ★ video Olympia. A new generation of gymnastics equipment and climbing ropes, all mounted on a soft mat. The outdoor gym for adults opened this evening. It took four years, two of which were pandemic, to complete the entire park named after Francesco Cosiga. Now the administration is turning the page and looking to the opposite bank of the redevelopment of the southern ring.

For the opening ceremony after the blessing of Bishop Monsignor. Sebastiano Sanguinetti and ribbon-cutting, Mayor Settimo Nezzi took the floor and named the entire work of the waterfront “among the most beautiful ever made in the city.”

The outdoor gym is located under the sea bridge between Piazza Crispi and the old port. The total cost of the entire work, from the former iron bridge to the connection to the Posada pier, is just under 10 million euros, of which 7.7 million were collected from MISE funds and 1.7 million from municipal resources. “We worked a lot on this project – said Nizi – which started with the previous administration, which we replaced in 2016”.

By the end of the works, the bike path extends for about one and a half kilometers from the roundabout near Nespoli Stadium to the Archaeological Museum. “On the waterfront in Via Genova, we raised the shoreline to make the area protected and built safety stairs.”

The mayor thanked the companies and municipal officials who cooperated in building the work. “Now it is up to us to defend the waterfront as if it was our son. Someone had fun sabotaging the other part of the stadium and we replaced the rope.”

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The goal now is to ensure that new tools persist over time. “What concerns me the most at the moment is that children, families and the police are constantly vigilant. It is necessary to protect this wonderful part of Olbia – as the mayor said – and to inform the authorities when vandalism occurs.”

Public toilets will open as soon as coin mechanisms are available, while some benches will be installed in the extension in front of Via Genova around the trees closest to the sea. Below is the tape-cutting video and statements by Nizzi and Mariagrazia Fattigate from Puglia ▼

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