Oil and vinegar, have you tried mixing them before? It’s worth the gold at home: you’ll be dumbfounded

Have you ever tried mixing oil and vinegar? Baby oil and white vinegar for a common cleaning problem.

vinegar and oil
Vinegar and oil – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

A solution few know but a valid solution to a very common problem: cleaning and polishing steel parts. Oil and vinegar is an ideal solution for cleaning, disinfecting and polishing steel parts at home. So let’s see how to use it.

Oil and vinegar, two very useful ingredients

Cleaning the steel parts of the kitchen can often be really difficult. Although specific products, You could find yourself with halos and spots that move rather than disappear. In particular, the problem is found with steel stoves, which never appear as lustrous as we would like. Baby oil and white vinegar are two great ingredients together against this problem.

Alcoholic vinegar is a frequently used product for household cleaning. Also known as acetic acid, it is a clear, colorless liquid with a pungent, pungent odor.

It is a powerful antimicrobial that can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. for this reason, It is often used as a disinfectant to clean rooms and kitchen utensils. It is also a natural preservative that can help preserve foods. In fact, it is frequently used to produce pickles and condiments.

Oil and vinegar for cleaning
Oil and vinegar for cleaning – imilanesi.nanopress.it

Alcohol vinegar has the ability to break down limestone and other mineral materials, resulting in tartar Perfect for cleaning surfaces such as sinks, bathtubs and tiles. All this makes it a suitable product for many uses, including household cleaning.

At first glance, one might think that oil isn’t exactly the most suitable cleaning solution Alternatively, in small doses, its viscosity mixed with other ingredients can provide a perfect polishing effect.

So let’s see how to use these two products to create the perfect cleaning solution.

The perfect steel cleaner

How do you get a homemade, natural and cheap product? All you need is water, white vinegar, baby oil, and a spray bottle.

Takes 100 ml of water to pour into a jug. Then add 100ml of white alcohol vinegar and 6 drops of baby oil. Based on these proportions, you can choose whether to produce more or less product.
Then pour everything into a spray bottle and shake well before using itto mix ingredients.

household cleaner
Home cleaner – imilanesi.nanopress.it

You can use this solution directly on surfaces by spraying and wiping with a soft cloth. You will immediately notice how surfaces will begin to sparkle without halos.
Your new household cleaner It can be used on all steel surfacessuch as a stove, refrigerator, or even small appliances.
Of course, the cleaner can be stored for later use.

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