Officially: The Cubs trade Darvish, Caratini * and * Cash to San Diego in exchange for Davies and a host of prospects

I will not re-litigate the merits of this deal or deposit U Darvesh and Victor Karatini or argue Market fallout From trading another ace to San Diego. We did all of that already today (and we may have more of it in the coming days and weeks). Instead, I just want you to know that the deal is officially official (all guys as it’s already known), it’s now reported by Cubs, themselves.

The only surprise is that the Cubs also throw some cash to help cover the remaining $ 62 million for Darfish over the next three years (his second place finish in the Cy Young race escalated his contract, although I saw people still reporting that he owed 59 million Dollars only):

How much money do the cubs pay?

According to Jordan Bastian, $ 3 million of the remaining $ 62 million.

(Kevin Acee had previously reported $ 5 million, but I saw $ 3 million more * and * Acee also thought Darvish was only owed $ 59 million, so I think some of his numbers are wrong.)

Anyway, I promised not to get into the matter tonight, because whatever it is at this point. But yes, it didn’t include the Karate Cubs * only and * they got nearly $ 8 million from Davis owed for 2021, and they also paid an additional $ 3 million to help compensate Darwish. good night.

At least they can extend Javy Baez now, right? right?

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