Official Trailer for “The World’s Most Powerful Portable Console” –

Valve posted a file Display trailer for every steam surface, which is called “the most powerful portable console in the world”. You can watch the video above, which shows us a file main functions from the platform.

Steam Deck is presented to the public as a “full-featured gaming PC that allows you to take the games you love with you wherever you go”. Then the movie shows the different types of Regulations. We will have analog sticks, triggers and buttons that players can assign to custom entries. In addition, you can use the touch screen, dual trackpads, and even a gyroscope, which is very useful for precise movements.

Obviously, their own Toys Steam will be available on the Steam Deck: just log in with the same account to find the entire library. The presentation clip shows that storage can be expanded using a microSD card. Also, you can stream games from another computer.

The trailer also shows that Steam Deck uses a . file A new version of Steam It’s optimized for mobile gaming and includes “all the options you’d expect, like cloud saves, Steam chat, notifications, Steam Workshop, and more.”

Tell us, do you think the Steam Deck trailer adequately offers all the functionality of the platform? We also point out that Steam Deck has Xbox approval for Phil Spencer: Here are his words.

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