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accusation a Sony PlayStation of behavior related to gender discrimination With some employees it continues and grows, given that in the meantime the number of accused has increased, and therefore the company has issued a new version official answer to about.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment takes the substance of the new data very seriously. Although most of it comes from former employees who no longer work for the company, SIE takes into account the issues that have been identified and works to resolve them. SIE is mindful of great consideration female employees and take proactive steps to give them every opportunity they need to have their voice heard.”

Sony’s new position comes on the heels of the lawsuit’s expansion with the support of 8 other women who joined the gender discrimination allegation as well as the lawsuit’s initial promoter, Emma Mago, a former PlayStation security analyst.

According to the indictment, Sony is violating the rules forequal pay Created by the United States Equal Pay Act: “Sony discriminates against female employees, including women and those identifying as female, with respect to compensation and promotions, and subject them to a male-dominated work culture,” we read in the document drawn up by Mago and his attorneys.

The testimony of a former Sony employee also relates to the systematic neglect of managers They regularly fail to respond For female employees, apparently only consider men.

Sony, headquarters photo
Sony, headquarters photo

Mago also filed a formal complaint about these situations and soon after, according to her testimony, she was simply fired for an inappropriate reason (closed a department she wasn’t even a part of).

Last month, Sony asked that the PlayStation’s gender discrimination lawsuit be dismissed, but the situation has been more complicated as more testimony supports the claim.

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