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by Alessandro Prada
If you look at the long history of Formula 1 in the United States, it’s mostly a circus Failed to “break through” in a country like this prof stars and stripes, more faithful to its local motorsports traditions and more closely related to other competitions such as IndyCar, at least as far as single-seaters are concerned. However, in recent years, the American public has clearly begun a real revolution, which is generating an ever increasing number of fans.

More and more fond of the United States

Effect mainly created by docu-series such as “Campaign for Survival”, has been particularly followed and appreciated in the United States over the years, which can also be attested by the 2023 World Series calendar, where there are as many as three GPs within US borders: Miami, Austin and the new entry in Las Vegas. Competitions and entertainment “boom”, but also in marketing.

Products shipped all over the world

according to the data reported by him FanaticsIn fact, online sales of official promotional products from the official Formula 1 website have increased dramatically, both in the United States and internationally. In fact, there were purchases last year in 128 countries, with the same customers who contributed to Increase turnover by 101% from 2021 to 2022And even by 1084% compared to 2018.

The strongest customer

A growth that confirms the gradual success of F1 in the world, starting precisely in the United States. Specifically, the US federal states where the largest sales were recorded were Illinois, Arizona, and New York, which “helped” make the USA the top spot in this particular ranking. On the platform there are also two English speaking countries such as United Kingdom and Australiarespectively in the second and third places. Finally, the great leap for Mexicowith sales increasing by 305% from 2021 to 2022 thanks to the performance of Sergio Perez, who is closest to the victory line at the wheel of Red Bull.

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