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media world New launch Offers by initiative Discount now wow, which allows you to purchase gaming PCs, Nintendo Switches and related games while taking advantage of incremental cost savings.

PS5 and Xbox Series X will still not be available until the first half of 2022, but you can go back to any model of Nintendo Switch and enjoy its great exclusives by taking advantage of this promotion, which is valid until October 24.

The discount works immediately as follows: just enter the products in the cart until you reach a certain amount and you immediately see that it has been recognized Discount According to this scheme:

  • 50 euros discount at a cost of at least 500 euros
  • 100 euros discount at a cost of at least 750 euros
  • 150 euros discount at a cost of at least 1000 euros
  • A discount of 400 euros at a cost of at least 2000 euros

This means that if you and your friend want to buy two Nintendo Switch (each costs €277 on MediaWorld), or one console by putting some in your cart games To reach the required amount, you can get a discount of at least 50 euros from the total.

And if your goal is to overcome the obstacle of availability of video cards by taking a file PC da introductory games or a Notebook da gamesEven better: the prices of these products will allow you to make the most of the promotion and get up to 400 euros from your purchases!

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