Odyssey flight from Catania to Turin, the flight departs nine hours late due to a technical failure

It was an emotional night, which had just passed, for the return of Alturini from Catania on a Blue Air flight that was supposed to leave Catania Fontanarossa airport at 21.20. The plane departed nearly nine hours late. To calm the spirits of the angry passengers, the intervention of the airport police was necessary.

“They explained to us it was a technical error,” explains Antonio, a passenger traveling with his wife and 14-year-old nephew. “We did not receive any help from the airline who did not even offer us hotel accommodation, and on the flight with us there were many families with children, the youngest of whom was 9 months.” Antonio, like the other passengers bound for Turin, showed up at 7pm check-in to leave their luggage on hold. “Initially they told us about a small delay and assured us that they would give us more accurate information within half an hour.” At 10 pm, no one knows anything about the flight that was supposed to take off for 40 minutes and passengers begin to protest until the message arrives from the company: “The plane will leave at 2.20”.

The plane hit the hail

“They assured us that in the event of a major delay or cancellation they would ask to move us to the hotel but it was not,” the passenger explains. Rage increases again when the departure time goes back to 5.20 on the portal screen. At that point the protests are getting hotter and someone calls the police to calm the people down. “Even the police proved us right,” Antonio notes. Most spent the night on chairs in the departure area, others settled on the floor on their luggage. In the end, the plane left after six and landed in Turin at 8.23, 11 hours later than scheduled. “We’re tired,” the passengers say.

There were no malfunctions but gaps in the hail in the cockpit caused the hijacking of another flight that left Turin for Alghero yesterday evening but never arrived because it landed in Verona. Volutia’s flight took off at 20.05 but during take-off – outside the stage hit by a violent hailstorm that hit Turin. Bad weather did not allow the plane to land again on Castel, so the company decided to base itself in Verona. A similar incident occurred about ten days ago when another plane departed from Malpensa and was caught in a hailstorm as it passed over Novara.

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