Odermatt dominates Beaver Creek Super-G outside of Paris

BEAVER CREEK (USA) The 24-year-old Swiss Marco Adermatt, with his sixth career success, won his first World Cup Super G at Beaver Creek with a time of 1’08” 61. Thus, with 250 points, he is more and more single-handedly leading the championship overall standings, second place Austrian Matthias Meyer At 78 cents, the Canadian is surprisingly third Broderick Thompson, 95 cents, with the 35th pebble, on the first podium of his career. The best Italian is Mattia Cass, ninth, 1″ 32 behind the winner.

Paris’s fault, Einrhofer is here to stay

Straight out of blue number one Dominique Paris Who put his head in the door curtain after cutting a curve to recover from a line fault shortly after the start, in a steep and fast technical section. Also dangerous path error for Christoph Einrhofer who finished 31st at 1’11” 31, behind Matteo Barsaglia, 27th at 1’11” 04. Fouls and peak times also for Riccardo Tonetti at 1’11” 49, Guglielmo Bosca at 1’11” 50 and Emanuele Buzzi at 1’11” 58. Tomorrow at Beaver Creek, another Super-G, second of the six, is scheduled. In Lake Louise, Canada, the girls will face their first downhill with blue Sofia Jogia dominating the only test.

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