October. Netflix tries to exercise, but great tennis costs a lot

they say that Tennis be one sports As wealthy, but his TV rights are clearly no less. NetflixIndeed, as I mentioned before The Wall Street Journalamong other things, to make an offer to transfer ATP London and Paris, only to give up the operation, given the exorbitant costs needed to lay a hand on the most famous match all over the world. So, it seems that Reed Hastings platform has decided to rise to the same level competitorfor some time now the most diverse sports rights holders: from Champions League From Prime videoat the Olympics in Discover Warner Bros. (Which, for the sake of brevity, will only be called here Discovery), until the football From Paramount +.


For now, however, the negotiations for Tennisincluding the female, it seems that Netflix You should back away from smaller competitions, in the hope of making them more attractive to the general public and, therefore, more profitable.

new Horizons …

After the big news of Subscriptions Ad supportedAnd the Netflix It continues to look towards new horizons, it is not new, at least for the sector, it is not. As I mentioned before The Wall Street JournalReed Hastings would like to focus its attention on sports.

…but not unpublished

Not a big news, given the great show already proposed by the competition. In fact, excluded dozenwho was born like October Sports, the most important competitor From Netflix They have always been the rights holders in the most important competitions.

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Prime video

Prime videoFor example, it has got its hands on sports that are of paramount importance to every country in which it is played. From Champions Leaguebroadcast in Italy, to NFL (championship football American) in the United States of America.

Discovery …

Moreover, in our country, thanks to cooperation with Discover +the Bezos platform also distributes some match of the Italian Basketball League. The same Discoveryacross channels Eurosportowns the rights to the Olympic Games until 2024, as well as to several cycling competitions.

… And the Paramount +

Stay in the US too Paramount + convey He lives Different matchincluding some meetings NFL and competitions UEFA.

indiscretion The Wall Street Journal

Netflixtherefore, it is at a disadvantage on this front, given the lack of broadcast live Trait.

private negotiation

For this reason, according to The Wall Street JournalThe company will enter into negotiations to begin taking its first steps in this sector.

to focus on me Tennis

However, it seems that everything has been resolved – at least for the time being – in a stalemate, given the expenditures that are considered improbable for the rights that Netflix would be interested. In this case, it will be ATP of Great Britain and France, whose live broadcast is in the hands of, among others, just a Prime video.

Tennis feminine and browse

Show also draw for matches Tennis feminine and World Surfing AssociationNot exactly among the most watched competitions in the world. It is also true that over time, focusing on minor sports can be a successful investment.

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In fact, the initial outlay to acquire rights will be relatively low, moreover, due to the low interest of the public. But thanks to the platform’s arrival, these lesser-known sports can benefit from it Strengthen From publicwith a relative increase in the value of Franchise.

The game is open

One aspect to consider, given the introduction mentioned at the beginning, is to advertise on svod by Reed Hastings, new entry A long conversation, like this one related to sports. So, we may be at the beginning of a new chapter in the saga Netflix And it must be said that the game has just begun. (AM for NL)

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