Occasionally, foods that help regulate sleep disorders are cooked up

In the Moving from summer time towinter timeThere are those who are afraid Implications for sleep quality. Especially with regard to the first period (the period of transition from one hour to the next), when the body has to get used to a new routine. a sleep ally Restorer Another iconic restorative element: the plate. there diet It directly affects the quality of comfort. A well-balanced, balanced diet regulates the secretion of melatonin (a regulator of the sleep-wake rhythm), explains Dr. Licia Budda, a nutritional biologist from Bologna.

How to sleep better

The expert advises Sleep better from the table, emphasizing that no single factor alone can regulate sleep. But a balanced diet is certainly one of the first steps to embracing health, well-being, serenity and even comfort. a diet balanced Rich in serotonin (which regulates good mood) like tryptophan, vitamin B and vitamin C and minerals like magnesium and iron help you sleep better.

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