Obligation to vaccinate teachers only: disciplinary recall first, then transfer, then suspension last. The game is open and the solution is in the coming days


The decision on compulsory vaccination and the school’s green corridor has only been delayed even though Prime Minister Mario Draghi already wanted a solution this week. After meeting with Matteo Salvini, came the decision to postpone everything for a few days.

The struggle for justice that sees the league and the five-star movement as the protagonist postponed for a few days the game over the compulsory vaccination of school staff, which now seems to be a foregone conclusion.

On the other hand, the method of this commitment is not excluded, because for justice there are also different visions of the school.

On the one hand, if Draghi of the Democratic Party had no doubts about the need to impose compulsory vaccination on school staff, Lega and Movimento 5 stelle (perhaps not all of them are pressed) are not convinced.

So we think of “multi-layered” commitment, as a kind of manipulation where employees have to face different levels.

As stated in the last few hours, the path of forced vaccination, hard and pure, loses height, while the path of the progressive mechanism progresses. This, as it happened to health workers, faculty would be required to vaccinate, but imagine a multi-level sanctioning mechanism:

  1. first call,
  2. then transfer,
  3. Comment finally.

To this, another distinction will be added: The tax can only apply to teachers, in close contact with students, and not to the rest of the school staff.

School plan and green corridor, the government changes its mind, there is no ordinance. Salvini: “In early August we will decide based on the data”

The crux of the data in government hands about vaccinated school staff still stands, which should serve as a balancing needle whose credibility is now called into question by many aspects.

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Not only. You will push for an additional distinction, perhaps regional: based on the data of the structure of the commissioners in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and Liguria, others can, however, reach more than 90%. And therefore The idea is to assess a regional or regional threshold to enforce compliance. The problem, and not a minor one, is that this could be described as unconstitutional, which has sparked quite a few controversies.

Unions remain skeptical, in the majority of representatives: to speak of a commitment to a class that has shown a sense of responsibility by resorting to vaccination as soon as it is “called to arms”, is to “criminalize”. And so, for example, Pino Toure, General Secretary of Oil Scola.

Added to this is that unions such as FLCGIL, ANIEF and GILDA are focusing their attention on other issues that are certainly not secondary, such as the fact that nearly two years into the pandemic, two governments have not addressed and resolved critical issues such as the chicken coop. layers. and transportation. Real bottlenecks of that gathering, the enemy the world has fought against since the beginning of the pandemic. It suffices to highlight, as the CISL did, the significant reduction in funds directed to additional COVID employees.

Once the knot of justice is resolved, it appears that the appointed day of the decree that will deal with school and compulsory vaccination is August 5.

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