Obesity, perhaps not due to overeating. The revolutionary study will change your life and your wallet.

It’s a very reliable study that turns the tables on the topic of obesity, a real scourge in the West that is causing huge costs to individuals and national health systems.

Obesity is one of the biggest health alarms afflicting all of those in the world. It is something that has a tremendous impact on the quality of life and health of many in the West and it is clear that confronting it is imperative for both individuals and countries. But a groundbreaking study changes a lot. Appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled “The Carbohydrate and Insulin Model: A Physiological Perspective on the Obesity Epidemic” is likely to change everything. Let’s try to explain it simply. This study casts doubt on the classic approach to obesity as a daughter of caloric balance. It is traditionally believed that obesity is primarily caused by an imbalanced relationship between the calories we give in and those we burn. On the other hand, this highly reliable study argues that the main reason lies in what we eat. So it’s not quantity but quality, so to speak.

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Basically, the main enemy will be fast-absorbing carbohydrates which are largely compatible with some sugars even if this is not the case. These fast absorbing carbohydrates saturate the body with energy instantly but break down just as quickly when stirred A kind of alarm signal to the organism that manifests in our minds as an attack of hunger.

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Therefore, excess is excessive resort Eating carbohydrates quickly is the main reason to avoid.

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If confirmed, this research would fundamentally change not only our diet and our health but also the costs we incur to be able to stay fit among food products. gym etc. but above all it will save us the costs of health problems caused by this

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