NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, block mining is more complex than you think

yesterday We informed you Of transmission NVidia Designed to limit buying of new products GeForce RTX 3060 By miners, leaving the players, the true recipients of the product, with a dry mouth. Initially, through a message posted on The official blogThe Californian company spoke of a procedure to disclose the use of algorithms for mining cryptocurrency Ethereum implemented with drivers that would reduce the efficiency of the card in the accounts by about 50%, which limits the hash rate. Many have questioned how the system works, and so have thought about potential “loopholes” to avoid creating this limitation.

Apparently, the situation is more complicated than expected. Actually, as mentioned Brian Del Rizzo, Global Public Relations Manager at GeForce, la Anti-coding technology is not only implemented in the drivers, but also includes the GPU itself and the BIOS. This allows you to enable it not only, for example, in Windows, but also in Linux, the operating system used by “professional” miners, so it will not be easily bypassed. Also, according to the known deposit Embed a TweetThat has already revealed the specifications of the graphics cards Ampere before its official presentation, it seems Jensen Huang (NVIDIA CEO) intends to start a war against miners, at least in consumer (GeForce) and This technology can also be implemented in the company’s future products, as well as in updated models of existing panels.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 anti-encryption

Remember that NVIDIA, to meet the specific needs of miners, will save CMP (cryptocurrency mining processor), a Professional production lineThey are sold through certified partners, Optimized for mining operations H There are no video outputs, Which allows for better airflow. In addition, it will be for CMP products Fewer clock frequencies and efforts for greater energy efficiency.

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