Nuri’s case, Ajax compensates the family and withdraws his 34th shirt

On July 8, 2017, it was a life My light He had a heart attack during a friendly match between Ajax and Werder Bremen. The young man (born in 1997, twenty years old at that time), the midfielder for the Lancer team, suffered serious brain damage and fell into a coma, and only came out in March 2020, and the Moroccan footballer returned to his homeland, as his brother announced. After another two years, Ajax announced that they had reached an agreement on a Compensation of approximately 8 million euros (7 million and 850 thousand euros to be exact) for the Nouri family.

From Manfredonia to Tacula: How many accidents are there on football fields

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From Manfredonia to Tacula: How many accidents are there on football fields

Ajax pull Nuri’s shirt 34

The Dutch club said in a statement: “Nouri’s family and Ajax have reached an agreement regarding the compensation that the club will have to pay.” Ajax agreed to pay the money after admitting that The medical care provided to the boy when he had a heart attack was not sufficient. Not only that: the Dutch company decided that too He will collect shirt number 34Nori usually wears it, Unless his family wants to make an exception.The club’s general manager, Van der Sar explained.

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