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three races, Three continents Several affected by the world championship! After Europe (Portugal) and South America (Argentina), it’s North America’s turn. On the weekend of April 14-16 Grand Prix of the Americaswhich as usual will run on the right track AustinTexas.

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The date should not be confused with the US Grand Prix, which has been held in the past at Daytona or Laguna Seca. These are separate events. However, the 2023 edition is special prominent for the Grand Prix of the Americas, which celebrates the decimal of its existence.

The opening took place in 2013, which allowed for very modernity Circuit of the Americas (CotA) to immediately establish itself as a permanent presence on the MotoGP calendar (except for 2020, which has been marred by the pandemic).

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Austin is one of the strongholds Marc Marquezthat won well 7 From 9 races run so far! The Spaniard only set the pace in 2019, due to a fall, and in 2022, when he was still the protagonist of the stunt performance. After being sunk by an electronic problem with his Honda, which dropped him to last place, he was able to rebound strongly to sixth.

Alex picked up the two statements that the thirty-year-old from Cervera had left on the board rinse and Aeneas Bastianini. Thus, the latter is the only non-Hispanic centaur to have imposed itself on CotA.

This is a list platforms Collected from pilots currently active in the Texas context
7 (7-0-0) – Marquis Mark [ESP]
2 (1-1-0) – Alex Reigns [ESP]
2 (0-0-2) – Jack Miller [AUS]
1 (1-0-0) – Bastianini Enes [ITA]
1 (0-1-0) – Vinales Maverick [ESP]
1 (0-1-0) – Fabio Quartaro [FRA]
1 (0-0-1) – Pagnia Francesco [ITA]

On the manufacturers front, it is interesting to note that no bike’s success has been achieved by more than one rider. In fact they do 7 data about Hondawhose dominance was only occasionally broken Suzuki And Ducati.

Austin – All Winners
2013 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2014 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2015 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2016 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2017 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2018 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2019 – Alex Raines [ESP] {Suzuki}
2021 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2022 – Bastianini Ines [ITA] {ducati}

Austin – All Polyman
2013 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2014 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2015 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2016 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2017 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2018 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2019 – Marquis Mark [ESP] {Honda}
2022 – Martin Jorge [ESP] {ducati}


The cadet class does not have it I have not seen anyone repeat Special statement. Theoretically, the two Elf Marc VDS Racing Team standard-bearers could try, being the only ones to actually excel in the class, as evidenced by the honor roll.

2013 – Tyrol Nicholas [ESP]
2014 – VIÑALES Maverick [ESP]
2015 – Low Sam [GBR]
2016 – Alex Raines [ESP]
2017 – Morbidelli Franco [ITA]
2018 – Pagnia Francesco [ITA]
2019 – Lethy Thomas [SUI]
2021 – Fernandez Raul [ESP]
2022 – Tony Arbolino [ITA]


In Moto3, unlike the top class, there is a rider who has succeeded repeats. Moreover, it is Italian or Romanian Fenatiwhich prevailed in 2016 and 2017. The last four successes have all been the domain of the Spanish centaurs.

2013 – Alex Raines [ESP]
2014 – Miller Jack [AUS]
2015 – Kent Danny [GBR]
2016 – Roman Venati [ITA]
2017 – Roman Fenati [ITA]
2018 – Martin Jorge [ESP]
2019 – Kannet Arin [ESP]
2021 – Guevara Izan [ESP]
2022 – Masia Jaume [ESP]


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