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From Gaia Piccardi, Sent to New York

Carlos, 19, wins five sets in 4 hours 19 minutes. Youngest finalist for the tournament since 1990 (Sampras). On Sunday he will face the Norwegian Casper Ruud: whoever wins becomes number one in the world

New York The beautiful tale of enfant du pays, the son of immigrants to the United States from Sierra Leone, crashes into the wall of Murcia on a Friday night in September, Carlos Alcaraz
, who doesn’t look at all a veteran of the 5h15 marathon with Jannik Sinner in the quarter-finals. Unlike the Red Baron, in the semi-finals of the US Open Francis Tiafoe He wins the first set in a tie break (8-6) and then goes off from the distance, not without a fight, sinking under the weight of the responsibility of returning stars and striped flags to the flagpole at the US Open nineteen years ago. After the last American King (Roddick, 2003) and in a torrential rain of blows from the formidable Iberian boy, who was the champion of Spain par excellence – that Rafa Nadal can win two Slam titles this year and here he was prematurely eliminated by Tiafoe – it is clear that The heir is already ready to take his place.

Victory in front of the audience of great occasions

There is an audience for big events in Flushing. A stadium full, dignitaries in the stands, until Michelle Obama stepped out of the pages of modern history to sit on the sidelines, perhaps because of the legend of the ancestors who sailed from Africa to cross the Atlantic and build a life in America, a country that does not deny at least one opportunity that no one remembers of the extraordinary adventure The first black man to hold the presidency of the United States, her husband. Semi-finals between Tiafu and Alcaraz, while in the afternoon Norwegian Rod Having played down the ambitions of Russia’s Khachanov (7-6, 6-2, 5-7, 6-2), he seems to last only one set, the first, an antechamber between Carlos and the Thousand Project.

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Carlos Satanasso, Frances is tired

The second and third sets, although encouraged by the stadium in their favour, form a quick nightmare for Tiafoe: 6-3, 6-1. But just when he appears doomed, the American finds a way out of the depths once again: he clears out a match point for his fourth-place opponent, dragging him into the tiebreaker where Alcaraz has low energy, instead Tiafoe resumes playing on the lines (7-5). Breaking the balance in the fifth game, the festival break, in the fifth game (3-2): Carlos the Devil is everywhere in the camp, Francis is tired, Punched by double faults and a crumbling forehand, it is only pinned down by the nervous energy of the court who will be the winner, but the other – Alcaraz (in the third game in a row of five sets) – not yet twenty, more athletic, more player, more man. 6-3 and they all fall asleep after 4h19′. In the final, Sunday, while Saturday evening (Live Eurosport and Discovery + from 10pm) number one Iga Swiatek and number 5 Anas Jaber They are vying for the women’s title, and the US Open throne will be a matter between two men in a hurry, who know they are vying for the Cup of Life.

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Final is also number 1

Casper Rudd, Norwegian, 23, and Carlos Alcaraz, a foreigner, 19, not only face each other in the US Open but are also number one in the world rankings. Whoever wins takes it all. And if the carder took all this, listen, he would become the youngest tennis king in the history of the world rankings (born on August 23, 1973). Fabulous.

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