Nuclear fusion: Tokamak Energy reaches 100 million degrees Celsius

there nuclear fusion It is the great hope for the future in the production of electricity (my topics) “hot” at this time). The experiments continues all over the world, As in Chinabut before we see a reactor actually connected to the power grid, it will likely take several more years (a few decades).

This does not mean that time is lost because the promises of this technology are very exciting and above all the impact on the environment will be decidedly limited. Over the years, many have been achieved “register” The last one was signed by the company Tokamak Energy Inside fusion reactor spherical tokamak ST40 (privately funded).

nuclear fusion

Tokamak Energy and Commercial Nuclear Fusion

UK company announce In the past few days it reached a plasma temperature 100 million degrees Celsius (The result was also verified by an independent panel.) In particular, the record marks the first time a spherical tokamak has reached this temperature. It was then highlighted that this is the first privately funded reactor to reach this threshold.

tokamak fusion

So it is not the highest temperature reached for a nuclear fusion reactor. For example You can remember As in 2021 in China they reached 120 million degrees Celsius. However, each new advance and each new record serve to a much greater goal. It is therefore important to emphasize this not only to insiders but to the widest possible audience.

Tokamak Energy He pointed out that a teacher from 100 million degrees Celsius It was achieved in just five years. Moreover, the cost was also less than 50 million pounds (59.6 million euros). According to the company, this is confirmation that i tokamak reactors spherical It makes it possible to combine compactness and cost reduction with all the advantages of casting. Now the company will aim to update the systems to allow for increased performance.

nuclear fusion

The private company will focus on technology in particular ST-HTS which will exploit high-temperature superconducting magnets (HTS). It is expected to be operational around 2025 and will again be a prototype for studying technologies that will be used in commercial systems. The goal is to have a pilot plant that can be operational by the early 1930s.

This news comes shortly after a momentary hiatus ITER . compilation In France because of the regulatory body (ASN, Nuclear Safety Authority). It’s a temporary block associated with being able to prove that buildings are safe to start the actual experiment. All required information must be submitted by April and ITER assures there will be no slowdown road map. there “Element” In the commercial nuclear fusion It has been pioneering and leading and will lead to many scientific and technological challenges, but it will be fundamental to the future of mankind.

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