Now up to 5000 euros, much happiness for families, now ask the “farewell bill”

A very strong help arrives on the pellet stove because Italian families want to switch to this type of stove to avoid the sting of gas.

Gas bills in October rose by 60% and the trend will remain that way throughout this year and also for next year.

ANSA 5000 euros for the stove

So the pellet stove definitely represents A valuable thing to free yourself from an exorbitant gas bill.

Rewards that then allow you to save gas

The rewards on the pellet stove allow a great deal savings When you buy this stove, thus you will have double savings.


On the one hand, there will be savings on the purchase of the stove but then there will also be savings over time Because you will no longer have to ignite the gas to heat the house. From this point of view, the rewards on the pellet stove are especially valuable But they are also many and so it is important to understand what they can be used for. The pellet stove is also ecological and economical. In fact, using a pellet stove We respect the environment but today the strongest advantage is the economic advantage.

Save now and save later

In fact, the cost of granules is much lower than Gas So heating the house with pellets means saving a lot and avoiding huge gas bills. It is important to emphasize that in 2023, the average family will spend 5200 on electricity and gas. First of all, for the pellet stove, there is an environmentally friendly bonus that allows a refund 65% with a maximum of 30,000 euros. Instead, there is a bonus for renovating the building which has a redemption value 50% A maximum of 96000. However, a pellet stove must produce at least 70% in order to facilitate this.

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How do you have up to 5000 euros to buy a pellet stove

However, in order to qualify for this bonus, a purchase must be made by December 31, 2022. But there is also a local aid on the pellet stove. In fact, the Lombardy region enters the field 5,000 euros on a pellet stove. But in order to get the reward of the Lombardy region, you have to be In the municipality above 300 meters. So it’s basically the coldest municipality that takes advantage of this 5,000 euros directly on the pellet stove.

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