Now the puppeteer is an old comic –

Farewell humility turned into a value, it is enough for parliamentarians to be puppets. The 74-year-old founder of the Five Star Movement is no longer surrounded by throngs of paparazzi and journalists when he descends on Rome

And Baby Grillo, in all of this? Peponi, where did you go to put yourself? What a lonely sad ending, even if the original title of Osvaldo Soriano’s beautiful book was Triste, solitario y final, with Philip Marlowe, who in Los Angeles investigated the reasons for the decline of two great comedians like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Laurel and Hardy. We reporters, here in Rome, finally tricked Grillo a little. The last time the comedian came down from Genoa We treated him like any other Scilipoti. At newspaper meetings: Ah, yes, of course, there will also be Grillo meeting the parliamentary blocs. where is she? I don’t know. Fab: But shall we send someone to follow him or cast several agencies?

So, on a sunny autumn afternoon, only two bored photographers are stationed under the Forum Hotel, a 5 star hotel in every sense of the word, Where instead for years there have been deadly traps, all waiting to see his court of miracles rise in procession (Poor Di Batista with sideburns from Piasion and shirt outside, Di Maio – dirty misery – even dressed as Foreign Minister, then others, from Creme to Fico, from Taverna to Bonafide.) It so happened that they even looked from the President’s suite with a balcony overlooking the Forums to make us, a little disdainful, welcome by hand. Then they descended arrogantly, in a state of political drunkenness, and with him before him, even as he was hidden inside an astronaut’s helmet, his mask was covered in mist, but He was still breathing to yell at us disgusting reporters, corpses, ghosts, community creeps, earthworms!.

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We laughed at him because the end now seemed inevitable. It was just a dangerous populist adventureThe fierce heresy of man deserves one, Modesty turns into valuehundreds of Grillini Parliamentarians were treated like puppets and humiliated by the puppeteer first arrogant, then distracted and angry at the family’s judicial troubles.

We all know that Giuseppe Conte, due to his unexpected ability and also pure serendipity, removed the game he invented with that other insight of Gianroberto Casaleggio on September 25th. And now? If you still want Grillo, you should go and look for it in some theaters. You will find an old comedian with a boring repertoire.

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