“Now keep your mouth shut.”

Manchester, United Kingdom) – “Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to ‘keep his mouth shut’Manchester United have given an ultimatum over the appointment of the next manager“According to the Mirror, the ex-Juventus champion, not completely satisfied with Maadi Rangnick after Solskjaer’s acquittal, wants guarantees from the company regarding the selection of the next coach. So the rumors will be confirmed in the UK. Accordingly, the Portuguese foreigner, whose contract with the Red Devils is expiring, intends to On 30 June 2023, he communicated his decision to stay or not to stay at Manchester also for the next season only if a manager of his choosing was appointed.

Sinclair, the hard attack on Cristiano Ronaldo

I’m starting to think Manchester City dodged a bullet by not buying Cristiano, I really think so‘: This is what former England national Trevor Sinclair said in an interview with TalkSport Microphones.There are players fighting for Manchester United – go on –, guys like Sancho and Rashford are doing really well. Of course you can blame Ronaldo for that! He knows his role, he is a footballer who is paid by his club. He has to keep his mouth shut because sometimes that’s the best thing to do. He is causing a lot of problems for the team and not just his lack of goals. I don’t know if Ronaldo really cares about United’s interests. I just feel like it was one of those purchases where everything looks great and then it just wasn’t at all. One of the reasons he might not have thought of Manchester City, and certainly not a question of winning trophies, is because he would have won so many titles there, I think he didn’t want to be in Pep Guardiola’s shadow. I think he just wants to do what he wants and not what’s best for the club“.

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Cristiano Ronaldo could leave United

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