Now he will have to undergo surgery and ask for money to pay a video surgeon

He had run out of jelly and tried to settle down Poetry Rasha Glue Spray on head. The result? The only possible: hair sticking to the scalp and now surgery is needed. And the most impressive thing is that someone responded to her request to send her money to pay for this operation associated with unparalleled lightness.

To say this adventure – in the hope that no one will imitate it – is the protagonist of the same novel, Tessica BrownOn social networks. In the emergency room in Chalmette, Louisiana, they tried to help her, but to no avail. “I had a bad idea,” commented in the video on Instagram touching her hair. “I washed my hair 15 times and it didn’t move,” she said.

The company that produces spray glue has made itself heard through social networks. On Twitter Gorilla Glue Company She explains that she is sorry for the accident. “This product is not suitable for use on hair and on hair because it is considered permanent.” They point out that the label says, “Do not swallow and do not apply in eyes, skin or clothing.”

A friend of Tessica’s tried to fix her hair by snipping her ponytail, and with a little solvent, she removed some glue. But it is the girl’s intention to have an operation. For now, a campaign has begun Fundraising She collected just over $ 21,500.

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