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Novak Djokovic, Australian legal fee estimate revealed

quarrel between Novak Djokovic And the Australian government, which held court until the eve of the first slam of the season, cost the Serbian champion a lot of money. Legal fees in Australia have been estimated at $360,000.

Djokovic initially appealed against the decision to cancel the visa by cashing in the court, then then-Minister of Immigration Alex Hawke exercised his power by canceling the number one visa in the world.
Therefore, the 34-year-old Serb had to file a new appeal, after this decision, but this time without the desired results.

The Department of Internal Affairs was ordered to pay the costs of the first case against Djokovic, but the Belgrade citizen will have to pay the legal costs of the second case. “The combined estimate at this point was about $360,000, with no premiums in both cases,” the department’s legal group head, Pepe de Vaux, told Sportskeeda.

“This includes the external legal fees and the internal legal fees. The costs were allocated to the department in the first procedure, the costs were allocated to the department in the second procedure. We will need to get the invoices and make a decision in consultation with Mr. Djokovic’s lawyers on how to resolve these two cost matters”

Djokovic talks about the real reason for his expulsion from the Australian state

On Monday, the BBC published an interview with Djokovic.
“Certainly, the mistake in the visa announcement was not made on purpose,” the world number one told the BBC.

“It has been accepted and confirmed by the Federal Court and the Minister of Immigration in Australia himself. So in fact, what people probably don’t know is that I wasn’t expelled from Australia on the grounds that I didn’t get vaccinated, that I broke some rules or that I made a mistake in My visa permit.

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All of this has already been approved and ratified by the Australian Federal Court and the Minister for Immigration.” The real reason, as stated by Djokovic, is another reason
“The reason I was expelled from Australia is that the Minister for Immigration used his discretion to cancel my visa based on his perception that I could create some anti-extremist sentiment in the country or city, which I absolutely do not agree with.”

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