Not the usual coats but these bold and sporty jackets will make a turning point in our winter look

This year, for those who want to change the record, there is some news. The Coat It’s definitely a classic, but sometimes you need something else. In short, we can’t be too serious and hardcore. It is necessary to explain season Winter in a different way. Well, not the usual coats but these bold and sporty jackets will mark the turning point of our winter look. Let’s see what it is about.

To enhance our personality we find leather jackets. Wearing it requires personality, but, perhaps, it will help us highlight that design we already have that is hidden. We are talking about those in black leather, proposed in a taut version that looks like a second skin, or a softer one. It doesn’t matter, because the choice will depend on our needs and the way we feel. Then there are the shinier and shorter-than-usual versions. In short, there are all types and for all tastes, just like our personalities.

Not the usual coats but these bold and sporty jackets will make a turning point in our winter look

Now let’s talk about the color of the leather jacket, which in addition to classic black can find other variants. Here, too, the designers went wild, choosing shades of influence. Well, the golden tone dominates the evenings for both dresses and outerwear. Of course, gold has a strong effect and will also affect the rest of the clothes, as it blends well with black. There is also please Colors Like chocolate or caramel.

In addition, along with leather jackets, in the series of sports and dynamic jackets, jackets returned. The perfect one is khaki, with a faux-fur hood and a fleece jacket that’s also back, if anything plaid. Once again, we have the faux fur denim jacket, and finally, we have the timeless puffer jacket. The latter is presented in different versions, from technical fabric to leather.

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Other ideas that mark a turning point in our winter look

Another jacket that distinguishes the novelty of the 2021/2022 season is the jacket in pile, Soft, warm and less casual than the mountain version. Finally, eco-fur can not be missed, it is comfortable, shiny and suitable for cold. It is elegant but also sporty and goes perfectly with any outfit. In the end, the jacket, which we wear in one of the indicated models, will give us a bolder and more diverse look. Skin, in particular, will give us the opportunity to impose our appearance and impress us even more. The choice is up to us!

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