Not just for electric cars.

The Ministry of Economic Development announces new procedures and privileges for the car grant, which will provide benefits to many other citizens.

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Car reward, there are many incentives For those who buy a new car that is fully or partially electric. The measure is to implement the government’s will to proceed with the ongoing process of environmental transformation.

Numerous state incentives, in addition to the car bonus, push more and more people to equip themselves with appliances and fixtures at home or environmentally friendly vehicles. In the case of the subsidy in question, reimbursement is expected not only for the purchase of electric means of transport but also for other cases.

For example, a facility that cancels the payment of car tax for the five years following the purchase of a compliant vehicle (car or motorcycle, ed.) is strictly tied to the car bonus. Also, when will it start Stamp duty paymentthe same would be very low compared to those with a polluted medium.

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Automatic bonus, what are the new introductions for Mise

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but, this is not every thing. In fact, the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti confirmed That there will be aid of up to €1 billion in total between now and 2030 even for those who still own diesel or petrol cars or motorcycles.

Especially due to increases affecting fuels and which have ripple effects on transportation. The assistance from the Ministry will cover cars by classifying them according to Three different CO2 emission ranges in the atmosphere.

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Between 0 and 20 grams We are in the field of electric cars. Then Between 21 and 60 grams We find hybrid cars, while From 61 onwards There are all the others. Carbon dioxide emissions should not exceed 135 grams.

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Contributions based on specified scopes

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The purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle, with the simultaneous scrapping of an older vehicle of a class below Euro 5, will ensure a maximum 9 thousand euros contribution. Which drops to 7K for the second band and to 3K for the third.

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There are also requirements coming out from the draft for these automatic bonus introductions, which are not yet final. In fact, the support is activated at a maximum cost of 35 thousand euros for the first and second tranches and 25 thousand for the third.

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