Not just brushing your teeth, here’s how you can prevent tooth decay in 5 steps as well as treat swollen gums

Everyone knows that toothache is one of the most unbearable things. Not to mention the fact that no one likes going to the dentist, not even adults. Unfortunately, sometimes this is really necessary, especially if you notice a problem.

Among the most common we find decayIt is a disease that primarily destroys tooth enamel. If not treated properly, it can affect even the deepest parts, requiring severe treatments up to extraction.

For this reason, the first step is to maintain proper oral hygiene. Let’s learn about the five simple tricks to follow along with the treatment that will help prevent swollen gums.

Not just brushing your teeth, here’s how you can prevent tooth decay in 5 steps as well as treat swollen gums

The most common and useful tip for preventing tooth decay and avoiding swollen gums is to maintain proper oral hygiene. It would be a good idea to gently brush your teeth and gums with a soft-bristled toothbrush after each meal, at least twice daily.

To avoid the appearance of caries, you can follow 5 more movements:

  1. Using dental floss, carefully remove any remnants of the meal;
  2. reduce the consumption of foods that can remain stuck in the spaces between the teeth for a long time, such as candy or biscuits;
  3. limit sugary foods and drinks;
  4. Putting dental protective sealants to cover the spaces between the teeth;
  5. Make periodic visits to the dentist for appropriate prevention.

Following these moves may be the first step in preventing tooth decay and keeping your teeth healthy.

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Let us now see one of the treatments for swollen gums.

Here is a simple remedy for swollen gums

the swollen gums It is a disorder that can affect for various reasons, from inflammation to infection, and from nutritional deficiencies to certain diseases. While waiting for an appointment with your doctor, a few cold compresses may be a helpful treatment. On the other hand, if the gums, in addition to their swelling, are also painful, then it is better to make a warm compress.

Not just brushing your teeth, here’s how you can prevent tooth decay in 5 steps as well as treat swollen gums.

If severe pain and swelling affect the joints instead, they may be warning signs These diseases should not be underestimated.

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