Not just a salad, here are more than 10 foods with very few calories to diversify your lunch and lose weight.

If you want to stay fit without sacrificing taste and without feeling hungry, here are ten foods that are right for you.

But how good is it to eat? Even in the summer and in the heat, putting your feet under the table and eating long meals with friends or family is certainly something that many cannot give up. However, since there are those who can’t wait to go to the beach in this period, this becomes important Find out what you put our tables in.

Diet with flair, ten foods with very few calories –

If you think that the only food that can help us control weight is salad, you are very wrong. At least they exist Ten foods to change your diet Which will allow us to eat healthy and tasty food without necessarily having to do who knows calories.

If nothing crosses your mind, we highly suggest you take a look at this oneList of foods with very low calories. Because as Oscar Wilde says, the only way to resist temptation is to give in to it.

Foods to change your diet with: ten delicious and low-calorie dishes

    When it comes to traditional dishes, lasagna cannot be missing. A dish suitable for any season, especially thanks to its many variations. In addition to the classic version with ragù, it is also possible to make a very good and particularly light zucchini lasagna, Perfect for warmer periods. If you want a more savory treat, you can also add cooked ham or smoked salmon.
  2. Red turnip chips
    But how good are french fries? If you like them, then you must try the mild variant made with beetroot. The procedure is the same, after cutting them into thin slices you can cook them in an air fryer or in the oven. Either way, you’ll experience a snack that’s practical, tasty, and definitely lower in calories than the classic version.

    Ten foods with few calories, you can stay on a delicious diet –

  3. Carrot pies
    Cakes were born in England and over time spread throughout Europe. Originally intended for court servants, this dish over the years has become a real delicacy even in its lighter versions. Such as those that include carrots, vegetables which, among other things, have many beneficial properties for the body.
  4. Cauliflower fried rice
    Here, for the first time in this special list dedicated to snack foods with which to change the diet, cauliflower appears, another vegetable that is particularly healthy for our body. Known as stir-fry rice, this dish sees cauliflower in place of a grain that, when sliced, becomes the main ingredient in the dish for all intents and purposes. Accompanied by other vegetables, it is a real delicacy.
  5. Mashed beans and zucchini
    Purees are always good, both when made with potatoes but also when green beans and zucchini are used instead of the tubers. Two fresh products that cannot be missing from the table of those who want to be more attentive to their figure. Also in this case the basic procedure is puree, but instead of potatoes we advise you to try to use this particular vegetable as well.

    All delicious dishes that keep you fit without sacrificing flavour

  6. French programmer HACIS
    This time, French cuisine will help us change our diet, prompting us to try hacis parmentier. It is a kind of pie composed of meat and various vegetables, among which the aforementioned cauliflower is not missing. A perfect dish to prepare once and also to eat on the following days. Definitely tasty, but at the same time not very caloric.

    The best meals to stay fit without feeling hungry –

  7. Monsieur Croque without bread
    Speaking of trans-dairy cuisine, here’s a nice variation of the no-bake croquette. What is used in its place? Plain cauliflower. An ideal vegetable when it comes to finding an alternative to the classic flour. The perfect solution if you want to reduce carbohydrate consumption in your diet. Getting fit without sacrificing taste is possible.
  8. Couscous with cauliflower
    Couscous is definitely lower in calories than many other traditional foods we are used to eating. However, it is possible to make this product of Arabic cuisine lighter and healthier. like? Here, too, the answer seems obvious: if you use grated cauliflower instead of semolina, you will get a very tasty dish with very few calories.
  9. Potato and zucchini cream
    For some, the creaminess of the soup itself is the first thing capable of making your mouth water. If you also have this idea, then you must definitely try to make a delicious cream of potatoes and zucchini. Both vegetables that manage to give this dish its special texture make it irresistible to the taste buds of many.
  10. Bread without flour
    In some cultures, especially in Italy, it is never possible to lack bread on the table. However, only a few types of bread are known where cauliflower is used instead of flour. Practical, good and able to keep it for a few days. If you haven’t tried it before, give it a shot. Less calories than regular bread but delicious at the same time.

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