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It is easy to agree on the principle that emissions of gases into the atmosphere should be reduced to combat global warming; It’s hard to find a way to do that. Joe Biden must have taken note, too, as he managed to launch a trillion-dollar plan to renovate American infrastructure not only to restart after the pandemic but also to contribute to the energy transition; At COP26 in Glasgow, it was also able to announce an ambitious CO2 reduction strategy based on clean nuclear power and larger forest areas; However, in the same place, he was unable to prevent the embarrassing gases from escaping from his intestines, precisely in the presence of the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles.

“Everyone wants Sora Camilla and no one takes it,” says the well-known Roman proverb, which seems to be inspired by the problems of loneliness after the widow of Camilla Peretti, the elder sister of Pope Sixtus V. , not only if the eternal heir Prince Charles had finally taken her after his widowhood, not only would he have such a noble title which, at least to an Italian ear, seemed to denote ironically the marital troubles of poor Lady Diana, but also seemed to be a dreadful one. gossip. Be that as it may, this smelly secret she released to the British press, which promptly re-released it, reporting how the Duchess “couldn’t stop talking about what happened”.

“It was long and boisterous,” he explained to the Daily Mail, also showing how his status was released in the presence of not only Prince Charles, but also Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is in line with the way Biden was caught dozing during his opening speech at COP26 while rights activist Eddie Ndobo spoke, blindfolded for 22 seconds, before being shaken by an aide. But this was his already known problem, to the point that Trump renamed him “Sleepy Joe.” Keep in mind, even the White House’s predecessor on uncontrolled gas emissions would have a very respectable approach. In fact, he was given one during a phone call to demand a recount in Georgia, another during an interview, and another during speeches.

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Cop26, Joe Biden sleeps around the world: embarrassment in the room

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But for this reason, Biden is also a frequent criminal, because during his meeting with Pope Francis he would mutilate his underwear. Attention, then, that the event took place at a reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Ora, the term evoking in Italian the gesture of sliding the belt (= belt) to relieve tension on the abdomen is instead expressed by the phrase “fart” which lends itself to an easy pun : First and foremost with the Kelvingrove Fart Gallery, but also with Anglo-Saxon degrees, MA and MA and MA. In short, there is some sort of competition over who deserves the title of Master of Fine Farts between the current president, who is nearly 79 years old, the oldest in US history, and his predecessor.

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