Not everyone knows that the fruits of this lucky plant may be of golden value for health

To beautify and decorate the interior and exterior spaces of our home, there is nothing better than filling it with greenery. However, the growth of plants and flowers will be important not only to give the rooms a certain charm, but also to attract good luck. According to some cultures, in fact, there are lucky plants that are able to bring wealth and prosperity into the homes of those who host them.

We have seen on our pages many examples, like this one Japanese ornamental plant Which would remove bad luck. Today, in this article we will talk about rowan, a shrub plant that belongs to the family rosary, such as pear tree, cherry tree, etc. According to some popular legends, this plant is also considered a very valuable lucky charm. In fact, it was believed to ward off hunger, misery, and all negativity, while attracting money and prosperity instead.

Aesthetic features

Depending on the species and the habitat in which it thrives, the height of a rowan can exceed 15 meters and even reach 30 meters. As for its aesthetic qualities, the dark brown bark and well-branched crown stand out immediately. The leaves, dark green in color, have serrated edges, rounded at the base and sharp at the apex. On the other hand, flowers usually appear in late spring, between May and June. They are assembled in erect arches 5 to 8 cm long and are usually white.

Finally, the fruits, called sorbole, are apples that can have a shape similar to an apple or a pear. They grow together in groups and do not exceed 4 cm in diameter. Moreover, their color varies with the degree of maturity, going from reddish-yellow to brown.

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Not everyone knows that the fruits of this lucky plant may be of golden value for health

The actual ripening of the sorbola occurs in the fall, but once harvested, it is not edible and needs the ammezzamento process. In fact, being very tough, they are placed in cool rooms and covered with layers of straw. After a few weeks, it becomes much sweeter and softer and thus ready to be enjoyed. Since the peel after this process has an unsightly appearance, it does not have much commercial value. Moreover, not everyone knows that in ancient times, the fruits were used, especially among the Romans, for the production of delicious wines.

for some scientific studiesSorbol, thanks to its diuretic, refreshing, antiseptic and toning properties, is widely used in the field of phytotherapy. Moreover, you will be an excellent source not only of mineral salts (such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium), but also of vitamin C, the latter being an antioxidant molecule that fights free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

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