Not everyone buys it, but this precious succulent mollusk is worth gold for our body

To stay as healthy as possible, you should pay close attention to your diet, and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Moreover, we do not underestimate the importance of physical activity, which we should not lack in our lives.

It is clear that during the holidays it will be impossible not to exclude the diet and enjoy delicious dishes.

So, before the holidays, we can take the opportunity to stay light, While also filling up with antioxidants in this heart-warming soup.

Not everyone buys it, but this precious succulent mollusk is worth gold for our body

In addition to eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, it may be beneficial to swap fish for meat without overindulging in servings.

For those suffering from anemia, for example, In addition to the liver, this delicious food may be useful for iron storage Typical for the Easter period.

There are oysters perfect for those who want to stay light without sacrificing flavor and nutritional properties.

This is the squid that it contains Only 72 calories per 100 grams of product and is appreciated above all for the quality of the proteins.

For this reason it is a particularly active food.

This mollusk also contains potassium, phosphorous and calcium, as well as vitamin A, which are very valuable for our body.

If we intend to stay light, it is important not to use too many seasonings when preparing.

For example, squid with peas is a well-known dish from the Italian tradition that can be served white or with tomato sauce.

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In this way we will be satisfied with a healthy and tasty dish, accompanied by vegetables and a few slices of bread, perhaps whole wheat or rye flour.

It is important to pay close attention to its cooking in order to keep the meat as tender as possible.

Not everyone buys it, but this succulent and precious mollusk is worthy of gold for our organism and we always find it available at the fish counter.

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Before cooking it, it must be thoroughly cleaned by removing the eyes, intestines, bladder and internal bones.

We can put them in the freezer tightly closed in special bags. In this way, we also get a greater softness of the meat, precisely because the treatment tends to weaken it.

If we have large squid, it is good to know that it will be more convenient to prepare it, while smaller ones are baked or stewed.


We trade cod for unexpected fish that costs so little and is perfect for stress and high cholesterol

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