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The USA won the World Cup 2022 Artistic Gymnastics. Jade Carey, Jordan Chiles and Shelley’s Jones scored 166.564 points The United States is awarded the sixth consecutive world title In the team event, the test that assesses the viability and depth of gymnastics movement for an entire country. The barge with stars and stripes thus surpassed the historical record of the great Romania (poker in a row between 1994 and 2001). A seal that comes three years after the apotheosis of Stuttgart, the last luxurious coaching victory led by Simon Biles, and then second behind Russia at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (but we know what happened to the strongest and most successful gymnast in history).

In Liverpool, Italy had to settle for fifth place with a score of 159,463, one point ahead of Canada’s surprise bronze medalist. Even the fairies were found Five waterfallsWhich inevitably adapted our performance and took us away from the podium that was completely within reach. Asia D’Amato and Angela were absent from the Three Colorsnecessary in mid-August to win the European Championships. Martina Maggio, Alice D’Amato, Georgia Villa Buoyed by Manila Esposito, but the tricolor horse’s anomalous performance didn’t allow us to celebrate: With a 162.8 stamp in qualifying, we would have put bronze around our neck, with 165.1 of a Continental victory taking the silver and terrifying the United States.

Gymnastics, Italy fall 5 times at the world championships: the pixies stop near the podium, the Olympic pass is postponed. United States victory

At the end of the team full of errors for almost all participants (and we will return to the topic), the statement comes automatically: The whole of Italy, without faults, should not be afraid of anyone. Translator: If there’s also Asia D’Amato and Angela Andreoli in the squad (injured at home, let’s not forget that Elisa Iorio was a backup and Vanessa Ferrari decided not to compete in this competitive year) and if they don’t make a lot of mistakesI, Italy will be systematically on the international podium and can also play it with the USA. It’s not an exaggeration or a utopia, but a fact.

It’s true that the Americans were yesterday without Sunizza Lee (the Olympic all-around champion), but this Italy can also throw it into a fray to be tried and seen. The gold medal is absolutely not excluded from the start, we must always believe in it as the DT Enrico Casella group has done on all occasions. We will try again in the 2023 World Cup, when it is also necessary to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics: This generation of heroes will experience its heyday in the upcoming games and there will be no limits in the French capital.

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