North Korean missile, emergency meeting of the UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency closed session today to discuss North Korea’s latest missile test. The session, to be held in the afternoon, was asked by Great Britain and the United States, which France also joined. North Korea has in fact confirmed that it has tested a newly designed missile designed to be launched from a submarine, the first such test in two years that, according to reports, will enhance the underwater operational capability of its armed forces. The latest test “will greatly contribute to raising the country’s defense technology to a high level and improving the submarine operational capability of our navy,” the Korean Central News Agency said. The missile was launched from the same submarine that was used in the first test of this type five years ago – as we explained – equipped with “several advanced control and guidance technologies”.

Yesterday, Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun, whose country has shown support for Pyongyang in recent years, refused to answer reporters’ questions about the launch in North Korea. Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, warned against rushing things. “We need to find out more information” about the launch because interpretations of events in North Korea have been “always conflicting,” he said. The blow can come from anywhere. “We only have press reports and I don’t trust much, we need an expert assessment,” the Russian diplomat added.

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