North Korea, new missile launched by Kim: It’s the 15th since January. Tokyo: “Unacceptable”

North Korea launched another missile off its east coast: the South Korean military announced this. According to the Chief of Staff of the Seoul Army, it flew into the Sea of ​​Japan, also known as the East Sea, possibly a submarine-launched ballistic missile: it’s the 15th since the beginning of the year.

Draghi meets Japanese Prime Minister: “We are concerned about Pyongyang’s missile tests”

All this just hours after the United States warned that Pyongyang’s nuclear testing regime might resume. “Our military discovered around 2:07 p.m. (local time) that a short-range ballistic missile was allegedly launched from the sea off Sinpo,” the South Korean military’s General Staff said in a statement.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense also tweeted that the bullet could be a ballistic missile. Defense Minister Kishi: “The North Korean regime’s missile launch is unacceptable to the international community.” The Japan Public Broadcasting Corporation, citing government sources, said the bullet landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. “Instead of accepting calls for dialogue, the Kim regime appears to be preparing for a tactical test of nuclear warheads. The timing will mainly depend on when the underground tunnels and the technology of the modified devices are ready,” he said. Liv Eric EasleyProfessor at Ewha University in Seoul.

Only on May 4 did Pyongyang launch another missile: it was a kind of welcome message for the new South Korean president Yoon Seok Yeol, who will take office in Seoul on May 10. After the ballistic missile traveled 470 kilometers and reached a maximum altitude of 780 kilometers, it ended up in the sea outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, according to the Defense Ministry in Tokyo.

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