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Scary pictures arrive from North Korea. It’s not that propaganda, which always celebrates the missile tests and system meetings that Kim Jong Un is running. photo The grim void was posted on the Facebook page of the Russian embassy in PyongyangOne of the few who still maintains a small core of diplomats in the city. The Russians have documented the closure of almost all foreign representations: you can see blocked gates, overgrown weeds in abandoned gardens, abandoned indoor parking lots, unattended, and even national flags removed.

We have been living in a detention system due to the Coronavirus for months, the Russians write referring to the restrictions on movement in North Korea, which is already a country that in normal times is subject to strict control on the movements of foreigners. The post explains that the situation has worsened. Since January 2020, the hermit kingdom’s borders have also been closed with China and Russia, the only two neighboring countries With which it maintains economic and political cooperation relations. An endless quarantine also resulted in a blocking of supplies that made the life of the small, recognized international community in the country less difficult. Medicines and basic necessities are in short supply, from soap to toothpaste, to deal with a personal health problem that has become impossible even for diplomats.

The Russians said there was an exodus The last group of 38 foreign colleagues managed to leave Pyongyang by temporary means to Beijing in mid-March. According to the toll from the Russian embassy, ​​only three employees of international humanitarian and cooperative organizations remained, and the rest were withdrawn. The United Nations also announced that it does not have a representative in North Korea for the first time.

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In total , Only 290 foreigners with diplomatic cover remain in Pyongyang. They live holed up in their own housing, waiting to find a way out. He left nine ambassadors alone, and all of their staff. In February, in order to return home, a small group of family members of Russian embassy employees had to work with an old railroad carriage equipped with weapons, from those now seen only in old Western movies. The Russian Foreign Ministry published the company’s news on Facebook.

The post explained in Cyrillic: On February 25, 8 employees of the Russian Embassy in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (official abbreviation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, ed.) Returned their families to their homeland. Since the borders have been closed for more than a year and the movement of passengers has stoppedThey had to make a long and difficult journey home. The first 32 hours by train from Pyongyang to the north, then another two hours by bus to the border and finally the crossing to the Russian side. To do that, They had to prepare a cart, put it on the rails, load the luggage and children on it and set off. The only man in the non-self-propelled car, Vladislav Sorokin, served as the engine, that is, hHe had to push the cart along the rails for more than a kilometer. The hardest part was the bridge over the Tumannaya River. And finally home, the Russian border station Hasan, where our people in the Primorsky district were greeted by ministry employees and taken by bus to Vladivostok Airport.

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The system claims to contain the coronavirus. But Other filtered photos from North Korea show security personnel sealed in diving suitsRubber boots, with a gas mask under the hood. According to information from “NK News”, the units deployed on the border with China were ordered to shoot as soon as they were seen, To kill anyone trying to pass. The only smugglers are the smugglers, but it is clear that Pyongyang is still afraid of contagion. last week Six North Korean guards fled togetherCrossing the river that marks the border with China. They reported that they were exhausted from months of hunger.

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